Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fly over in Houston

Little did I know the Endeavour was making a stop over at Ellington Field over nite, on it's way to California today. If I had know, I would have brought along my camera. WDH and I are out of town this week and I had too many bags to bring. It did not make it's way to the car. But, also this morning my iPhone was dead and it took it's time to charge up. You think I had all this played out before hand, but I heard the news announcing it this morning, just when the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew out of Florida this morning. 6:22 am our time here.
Space Shutte Endeavour fly by
Fly By
Touch Down

I apologize for my photos.
It was a sight to see the Endeavour.
Thanks for stopping by,
Judith, Texas

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