Saturday, March 24, 2012

Retro Flowers Quilt Along

Today I joined the ranks of the Retro Flowers Quilt Along.  I saw the pattern and sucker me,  I purchased it.  It is already down-loaded, printed and ready for me to dive right in.  Simple? That is another time to tell.  If you are interested to read up on this beautiful piece of work, click on the button to the right and it will take you to one of the host, Bianca of Sweet Diesel Designs  which she will explain on her blog.

As always, have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greater Houston Shop Hop 2012

What weather we are having in Texas! Should be clearing up this afternoon here in Houston. Husband is on a business trip and so I tagged along.  This almost did not happen, since I came down with something two days ago.  Something I ate?  I feel better and made the trip to LaPorte, Texas with my dear Sweetie.  I did not want to miss out on the Shop Hop!  This woman has places to go and projects to start (FINISH).

I am planning out my route for the Greater Houston Shop Hop 2012 "Colors of Hope" today.  So happy there is a map for the listed shops.  Houston is a big city and I do get lost.  Heck, I still get lost driving home after 17 years. We live 10 miles out of town. But that is another story.   Back to the plan.  Here is a pdf file of the list of shops along with a map .  This is a big help for me.  Anyway, gotta get a move on it. 

I look forward to visiting all the shops and what goodies will come home with me.  I have two days and gotta get a move. 

Until next time, Have yourself a wonderful day!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

I did it again!

I did it again! See........

My dear husband was riding into town today and I tagged along.  We headed to Port Lavaca for lunch and afterwards I wanted to stopped at Beefore It's A Quilt shop and as you can see in the photo above I fell in love with the purple marble by Moda, red and blue fusion by Kaufman and yes, a baby panel and backing by Moda for my brand new nephew born last week.  All on sale at that! Yes, I did it again.  Do I have enough?????? NEVER! All going to pending projects.....

Until another day, I hope everyone had a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day!

Good nite,


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today is my big sister's wedding anniversary! What a day to have a wedding since she was three hours late to her very own wedding.  Still married to this day.  But, she has always been late to every event you invite her too.  Glen you are a true man and love you for making my sister happy all these years.  Happy Anniversay to you guys and love you.   Happy Saint Patrick's Day Folks! Enjoy, your little sis,  Judith

Friday, March 16, 2012

Two years and giving in!!!!!

Today is the day that I was going to direct my attention to this beautiful quilted top.  Yes, I am giving in!

I was just tired of looking at it! The inspiration was just not there.  I even had it put away and came across it in a tote full of UFO's.  So today, I first stopped at Quilters Patch here in Victoria. Looked around in the shop for a few hours. They have a wonderful selection in all colors. It is so easy for me to get lost in this wonderful shop. I spent a great deal in the clearence rack.  I found a few magazines discounted,  a paper piece kit and a couple of 1 yard cuts. GREAT DEALS!

Except for the muslin and yellow material at regular price.  But I just wanted to finish! I am also working on a second top using english paper piecing.  It is time for the both to be done with.

This second top has gone thru many rip aparts and put back together in different designs.  For this quilt, I purchased the materials at Joanns fabric store in Corpus Christi, Texas when my oldest daughter was in the hospital last August 2011. I also, bought a template there and at the dollar store bought large index cards to trace the templates on and childrens school scissors to cut them out,  since I have left my traveling sewing kit at home.  Never again do I leave home without it.

 The muslin I will use as a backing for the first quilt photo on top.  I need to wash and iron due to the stiffness since I will be hand quilting.  The yellow material will be used on the english paper piecing quilt photo above using 1 inch templates.  I do look forward to moving on to other projects. 

I have come to loving doll quilts.  I purchased a barbie bed yesterday on Etsy for the barbie dolls I rescued from my grand-daughters.  They needed a home and a warm quilt.  I am keeping my eye out on a few doll beds.  My sister in-law gave me dolls her granddaughter no longer plays with.  She is 18 years old and will go to college in the fall.  I told her when my grandchildren come over the dolls will have plenty of company and a doll quilt made for each one.  She was very happy. 

Until next time, have a wonderful evening and will post photos of both finished quilts.


Simply Small

Home again from a short trip. I wanted to share a doll quilt that I did by hand.  Yes, hand sewn!  The pattern is from the Quilt Almanac 2012 issue on page 33.  Simply Small by Quiltmaker and Hand Quilter: Christine Carlson. I really enjoyed quilting this small doll quilt.  Here is my version:

7 1/2" x 8 5/8"

Materials are from my scrap bin.  I went ahead and use two color scheme suggested by Christen Carlson.  I am getting more comfortable quilting at a small scale. Still need plenty of practice. Can you tell?  Like the article says, "It's all about scale".  Simple pattern to follow and I believe I will be quilting another one in the future. 

I am also following along with Temecula Quilt Co. Blessing Basket Quilt along.  I have only done a few baskets before. Okay, 4 at a larger scale.  I look forward to the end results.  Here is the link if anyone is interested: I will post my version at a later date.  That is all for now.  I am still trying to get a hand on this blogging.  Please be patient. Till next time,

Have a wonderful evening,