Saturday, November 9, 2013

Prayer Flags for Vicky

Vicky Molina-Flores
11/2/82 - 11/7/12

 It is a year today that we received the news that our daughter Vicky Molina-Flores has left us and went to heaven. I still cannot believe it. It has been a hard year for us and mostly the last few days which would have been her 31st birthday on the 2nd of November.  Her oldest on the 6th. It has indeed been a trying time for us all. Just take a look of the Prayer flags that were made in her honor for her children.

From Mom
From her little brother
From her oldest son
From her Grandmother
From the Molina Family

From her Niece

From her Sister-in-Law

From her Cousin

From her Godmother

From her little cousin

From the Becerra Family

From her Cousin
From her step-mom
From her Dad
From Hannah
From Lauren
From her Cousin Amanda
Postcard from her mom

These are just a few that were hung at her Celebration of life and a few that came in afterwards. She was love by all who were touched by her laugh, smile, a sounding ear and a shoulder to lend on who needed one. She indeed is missed by all who loved her.
Mom and Vicky California 1991

Judith, Texas