Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Greater Houston Shop Hop!

Spring is in the air and the Wild Flowers are blooming!
March 20-23, 2013
Also, the Greater Houston Shop Hop is happening and lots of prizes. Click here for more information.
I am also away on a business trip with my WDH and hope to be home tonight.
Take care and thanks for stopping by,
Judith, Texas

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday....

Wow, middle of March of 2013 and the year is still new.
Also, tomorrow is National Quilt day.
 Shop hops, Quilts shows and so much more going on this month and of course, St Patrick's Day this weekend.
I wanted to share with you what was waiting for me in our mailbox when I arrived home from spending spring break with my grandchildren. (short visit-BOO)
Click on the photo
ATC's and an envelope to hold them in.  A log cabin brooch which will go on my guild name tag, red mouse book marker that I will use for my new Sew Red book, tea bags which I ran out and I love her handmade envelope  with stitches Kayenderes from Canada swap with me.
I hope she likes what I sent her.
Sew Red Book, by Laura Zander I won on Vanessa's blog from V and Co.
Beautiful book.
My heart is filled with joy.
Thank you ladies for the wonderful gifts.
Here is a  sneak peak of  what I put in the mail yesterday to my swap partner Karyli from Idaho in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.
This is what was left after I was done sewing. I cannot show you until she receives her flowers in the mail.
I hope she likes the sunshine from Texas.
Today is the last day of the Nancy Drew Blog Hop held over on Madame Samm's blog. You can still see everyone's mystery posts. Click here for a full schedule if you missed any days. There are plenty of giveaways still going on.
Since I have been home for almost two days,  I have been re-arranging my office/studio. (Still re-arranging as I mention on an earlier post)
Something always comes up,  and also in  the middle of projects that are left sitting around for me to finished.
I missed Christmas and one birthday has come and gone and more are on the way.
I do need to get crackin'.
It is feeling like spring here in the Gulf Bend and flowers are sprouting up.
I wish you a wonderful warm and safe weekend.
Judith, Texas

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mystery Winner!

Good Morning to a spring forward day!
I really thought that I was running late until I looked on my laptop and saw that it was so true the right time. My cell phone had not changed time forward.
I like to announced that Kayenderes was picked from our random (WDH)  number for our mystery give away.
 Here is what she said:
Special big bag full of wishes, dreams, good health and prayers to you Judith. Love your creations and would like to win and make the oven mitts. I can't find mine.
Is this a clue?? Thank U
I SEW love her comment!
She too cannot fine her oven mitts.
Sent you an email Kayenderes.
I want to give a Huge Thank YOU for all the lovely comments. I did not get to responde to everyone.
Your support keeps me going to sew more beautiful creations and share with you.
Please continue to share your support for my fellow bloggers on the hop.
I truly had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the patricipants this week.
Sew much creativity on the hop and I look forward to seeing what's next on the Nancy Drew mystery hop till March 15, 2013.
I will be out for a few days this week.
This morning I am heading out to see all the grandchildren for spring break.
Thank you that they all live in the same city.
Then I will be back to contiune some very much UFO's that I will be leaving on my table.
I cut two pieces wrong (actually four pieces) and not sure if I will re-cut or make it up as I go.
Not the first time nor will be my last.
Thank you again, and I will see you later this week.
Judith, Texas

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nancy Drew Blog Hop

Hello and Welcome!
Today is my day on the Nancy Drew Blog Hop and my first hop for the year.
Thank you Madame Samm, Sew We Quilt and Carol, Just Let Me Quilt for cheering us on.
Now, on with the mystery.
First, I had no clue what all the fuss was about.

What did I get myself into.

A mystery?????
So first, I searched for a pattern.
Still No Clue!
The hop was rescheduled and I was still in searched of what to do.

Help Nancy Drew!

Then I came across a pattern.

A "Sew Charming" pattern.
Was this a HINT??????

Then one day after I dropped off my WDH at work, I headed out to one of my favorite Quilt Shops in search of Nancy Drew fabric. 
No Nancy Drew in site, so I searched on the internet and found a charm pack that will do.
The suspense was itching at me.
Nancy Drew had not arrive yet.
I waited, and waited, and waited.
Then one day when my WDH and I arrive home from a trip last fall, a package was in our mailbox.
Nancy Drew had arrived,
 oh my...
I was all game.
Still, I looked over my pattern and assemble all the charms out in every possible order. 
Still, it was a mystery to me.


A charm here, a charm there and charms everywhere.....


I still had no Clue!!!!

Then I took a break.

A much needed break!

it all came to me one day after a very, very, very, long walk.


wait for it,

 Have a clue?
Here is what I came up with.

Front view
Inside view
Back view
You guess right!
I am what you call a bag lady...LOL!

Yes, I will admit to that!
I can never have enough bags.

I used the sew charming pattern as a guide and sewed along with a few perks of my own.
I had enough charms in the pack to complete the bag with two outside pockets and two straps.
I used every charm in the pack!
 I traveled with my WDH on his business trip (back in the middle of January) and I did not pack so well.
I just so happen to have enough fabric in my travel sewing bag to complete the lining with pockets for one side. 
I used the same fabric for a tab with a big pink button that I found in my travel sewing bag and there you have it.

It's what I packed in my travel sewing bag and forgot most of my goodies.
 I even consider taking it apart and make a wallet out of it.

No, I dare NOT!
It grew on me.....
While on our trip, I started to add all kind of goodies in my new Nancy Drew bag.
I started to FMQ on my machine.
You can see my scraps that I have been practicing on.
Take a look at the bag full.
  It holds up well.
It's still all a mystery to me.

Still lots of room for more projects to fill in my new Nancy Drew bag.
If you look close, I only have one mini quilt completed.

There is another bag hiding somewhere between all the UFO's in there. 
Sorry for the photos, but I do hope that you got to see what all the mystery was about.

It still is a mystery to me......LOL!

I hope that you had fun!
That is my Nancy Drew mystery for today and I do have a give away.
Last weekend I happen to pick up an oven mitt pattern at a quilt show near by in Lake Jackson, Texas on our trip and I grab an extra pattern along with a ruler to give away. 
The thing is, I can never find oven mitts around when you need one.
My WDH loves to cook and afterwards, WHERE do all the oven mitts go..........LOL
I have some pretty awful material that I am going to use. He will certainly use them when he cooks. 
One year, I made a pretty Valentine overn mitt for him and he does not go near it.
For the giveaway, just leave a comment below before Saturday midnight March 9, 2013. Give away is now closed.
Please make sure I have an email to contact you.
You do not need to be a follower of my blog to enter. 
Give away is open to everyone. 
I happen to be in great company today at the mystery hop.
Please stop and visit my fellow blogers by clicking on their link below.
There is soooo much to show!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed your vist today....
I am glad to be home, even for a short while.
Judith, Texas

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nancy Drew Blog Hop Soon!

My day is Thursday on the Nancy Drew Blog Hop!
 Keep an eye out for clues.
I will be in great company too!
WHO Knew!

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