Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Red White and Blue Blog Hop starts tomorrow.

Check out the schedule:

July 1st

July 2nd

July 3rd
July 4th

July 5th

July 6th

July 7th

July 9th

July 11th
Nancy R

July 12th
July 13th
July 14th
July 15th
July 16th

Did you find me?

I look forward to seeing you here on Thursday.

Judith, Texas

One more day in June!

I do not believe we have one more day in June left.
I have been busy finishing up my block for the Red White and Blue Blog Hop starting July 1.

Yes, you heard me right!
This will be my very first Blog Hop and I cannot wait to show you.
Click over to Jane's blog, Jane's Fabrics and Quilts for a long list of participants from July 1 - July 16.

I will be up on Thursday, July 5. 
You can also click on my sidebar to get you to Jane's blog.
Hope to see you soon,

Judith, Texas

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am a bit behind on my ICAD Challenge. So here are two that I did while on a business trip with my DH.


Hop over to Tammy's Blog and see what everyone is coming up with on their ICAD challenge. Also, you can view all the ICAD Challenge on Flickr.

Stay cool today and Thanks for stopping by,

Judith, Texas

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

52 Photo Project - Release

Today I had the pleasure of taking my sweetie pies out for some Birthday Ice Cream.

Sweetie Pies
My granddaughter was celebrating her 6th Birthday today and as hot and sunny in Texas it was just the thing to do for the happy event.

Can you see the results?

Ice Cream everywhere and yum! We had lunch later.

This was a fun time and later the kids hit the pool with the rest of there friends.

To check out what everyone else is doing on 52 Photo Project, head over to Bella's blog.

Thanks for stopping by,

Judith, Texas 

WOWW? 160

Today I am not at my desk but on the road this week, so instead of a photo of my desk, I would share a this photo instead.

Bishop's Palace
On our way to Houston yesterday, we headed down to Galveston, first for supper before we checked into our hotel. After supper,  I told my husband I have been wanting a photo of this beautiful building off Broadway.  Bishop's Palace. You really cannot tell from this photo all the details. It is beautiful up close.

So most of the time I take my work on the road when I travel with my husband. Never far from our laptops and catching up on a aircard. So when I get home work is stacking up for me.  This is by far a better photo than my desk this week. So plese stop by Julia's blog @ Stamping Ground to see what everyone else have on their desk this week.

Thanks for visiting and next week I will be posting on my very first blog hop Red White and Blue.  Check out the schedule @ Jane' Fabrics and Quilts starting on July 1.

Stay cool everyone and Thank you for stopping by,

Judith, Texas

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 9 Summertime Colors

It has been awhile since I have posted any photos for 52 Photos Project that Bella is hosting all year long. So today I am posting one of my favorite summertime color. 

I love how the sun sets in the evening giving out a bright orange and yellow scene in late August.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and please, visit Bella's blog to view what other summertime colors are posted. 

Judith, Texas

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book in the mail!

Hello my fellow bloggers!
Look what was in our mail box yesterday. I did not get a chance to look at the mail till today.  This is what came in.
Scrap-Applique Playground
My Scrap-Applique Playground book from Kay Mackenzie. She also signed it!!!!

Yesterday, when I returned home and yes, I did miss the turn to the house on my way back from the quilting bee, I was heading to Victoria. Instead, I had to make a U-turn a mile before I realized I missed the turn. Why?? My landmarks where still there. We live 10 miles from town and I was coming from Port Lavaca.

Anyway, I picked up the mail and layed it down till this morning, I notice a package for me.  It made my day.  I want to say, Thank you Erin Russek from One Piece at a time for picking out my winning name. Please make sure you stop by Erin's blog and visit her.

Well, I have another meeting tonight for my photography group in town.  Yes, I do have a camera. I am truly sorry for not having better photos posted. My iPhone is easier to take out and shoot a picture than my camera.  I will get better from now on. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this first day of Summer.

Judith, Texas

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) 159

I'm linking up with Julia at Stamping Ground this week for WOYWW. It has been awhile since my last link-up, but I am here today for a minute. My desk is a bit clean this morning. I did take time to find things that I was looking for and put up the mess.  It does not look it.

I am on my way out to my first Quilting Bee this morning. I joined the CCQG (Calhoun County Quilting Guild) back in May. I met one of my Small Quilt Talk group member online and she invited me for a visit. I joined that day. I had no idea that the ladies in our Guild would be a joyous group. I had the best time. 

I did want to tell everyone that I will be posting my first on The Red White and Blue Blog Hop. You can click on my side bar or here for up coming schedule. I look forward to seeing you there. So excited. I am almost finish with my Red White and Blue.

As you can see, I am one busy bee and have to head out the door this beautiful sunny day down in South Texas. Thanks for stopping by.

Judith, Texas

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Red White and Blue Blog Hop

I am so excited that I had to share this with you. I just got my schedule for The Red White and Blue Blog Hop.

My day will be on the 5th.

I look forward to seeing you there. For the rest of the schedule click here or my sidebar.

Judith, Texas

Here is the schedule for the first week.
July 1st

July 2nd
Elaine (I will host)

July 3rd
July 4th
July 5th

July 6th

July 7th

Late in the Morning

'I hate to say it, but I am still in my Pj's and one cup of homemade Latte......
Almost lunch, well, it's 11:30 in south Texas and I have not done anything this morning except make my bed up.
Anyway, I wanted to share some of the blogs coming up soon like

Blog hop will run July 30th-August 3rd.

I have been Quilting along on
Beginner's Quilt-Along
I have posted two of my blocks here on my blog and Flickr.

Just a few blogs and quiltalongs I wanted to share. Check out my sidebar for the rest of the Blog Hops I am following.
 I am having a wonderful time and also trying to get my Christmas gifts done ahead before the holidays. Just less than six months.
 Time to get my house in order before I get sewing again. I did manage to get two UFO's finished . 

That is all for now...
Thanks for stopping by,

Judith, Texas

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day! Here is a index card I drew up for Day 17 ICAD.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad, Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles and yes to all the women who play both roles. 

To see more of ICAD Challenge, check out Tammy's Blog and her Flickr page to view all the photos.
Have a wonderful Day,

Judith, Texas

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beginners Quilt Week 2

I just finished block 2 (Over the Fence) for the Beginners Quilt Along Quilting Gallery is hosting with Pat Sloan.

Click here to check out all the information. Also, prizes and give-aways. 

Here are my first two blocks posted up on flickr.

Over the Fence


Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you there.

Judith, Texas

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day!

It is also my big sister's Birthday...Sweet!

For this occasion I was trying to come up with a mini for my table topper. 

I used Carol Doak's 3" paper piece star and added the borders with a star binding.  I love my table topper. 

This week was Zakka Along Week 11 :: Orchard Tweed Pouch.  Hope you have been following along.  I purchased the book awhile back and stumple along the sew along. If you want to follow click here to check out Lindsey's blog at LR Stitch who is hosting. 

Here is my version of the Orchard Tweed Pouch. 

Back view
Front view
 I added a outside pocket with a elastic and button. Was not sure to sew a straight stitch to divide the pockets, but I am happy with longer pocket with the closure. I hand stitch along the zipper.

Inside view.
This pouch is big enough to use as a clutch. I tried to stay along with the pattern, but I thought I needed more for my personal use.  I did enjoy this pattern and easy to follow along.

It is hot and sunny here in South Texas, so stay cool and drink plenty of fluids to hydrate.

Take care folks and Thank you for stopping by.

Judith, Texas

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canvas Tote

Hello from sunny south Texas!
It is a hot one today. My laptop temp gage reads 93!!!!
Sometime in the wee hours, I finished sewing my Canvas Tote.  I had been following along the Purse Palooza Blog over at Sew Sweetness, our dear friend Sara is hosting, and thought, I could do this.

First I sketched down what I was thinking.

Sketch view
Here is a photo of what came of my sketch.

Front view
Finished size is w 12" x h 14"
The front flap has a magnetic snap that attaches to the front pocket. I pleated the bottom of the front pocket for more room and rounded out the bottom.
Inside view
 Inside lining I sewed a pocket with a pen holder and cell phone on the back bottom side and a front pocket towards the top for my other cell phone. It worked out.
Also, a photo of my organizer full of stuff to switch out to another bag.

Back and zipper pocket view
Strap view
 Straps were cut 22" since the tote was tall and I could have used about two more inches, but I do not like long straps with a big tote. I left out the D-rings on purpose since it was already long enough for me.
Side view mesaures 5" deep
Not bad. Needs some tweeking on my next tote, but it holds more stuff than you think. Great for my travels and not heavy at all.

I only interface the lining of the bag with medium to light weight interfacing.
The flap use batting and a magnetic snap.
The strap I did not us any interfacing since the canvas (duck) material was heavy enough and did not use the D-rings on the tote. If I did, I would have used heavier weight interfacing for support.
It holds well on my shoulder and not weighted down.

Okay, that is my tote that I am entering in the Purse Palooza contest.  Make sure to check out the  Purse Palooza 2012 Flickr Group site for all the entries.

I know this was a long post, but I just wanted to share.
Thank you for stoping by.

Judith, Texas

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catching Up

This morning I had a Photoshop class.  The thing is, I sat in the back and it was a little hard to hear.  I am trying out version 10.  So far, so good. 

This week Sara over @ Sew Sweetness is hosting Purse Palooza 2012 .   I believe, I have choosen what bag I am going to make for the contest.  This is going to be fun since I love bags.  I have had a pattern sitting around for awhile, and what nudge I needed.  Post later how it comes along.  I still need a few items to gather. Material already picked out. Be great for the summer.

I will post later with photos.

For full schedule of guest post pattern reviews and prizes, click here!


Today, is Day 9 of ICAD Challenge 2012 that Tammy is hosting.

Here are my last three that I came up with.

ICAD 2012
ICAD 7 - Flowers
This spring I planted flowers and my kitty just made herself at home on top of my flower bed.  A few made it thru, but the rest was not a sucessful one.  I colored pencil in the flowers using sharpie pens for the outline.

ICAD 8 - Theme used "Winter Colors"
I used a ornament and pencil in with green and white chalk.  I stamped my kitty and her friends around the tree, because they just come around!  Also, used distress ink on the edge.

ICAD 9 - Theme used "Experiment"
I drew letters for today's class and colored in with sharpie pens and stamps.

You can also view all the ICAD photos on Flickr.

Thanks for visiting,

Judith, Texas

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beginner's Quilt-Along

Michele over at Quilting Gallery is hosting a Beginner's Quilt-Along this summer.  I am in need of a beginners group. 
Beginner’s Quilt-Along

For the Quilt Along, you will be making 12 or 13 – 12″ finished blocks.  Pat Sloan will be teaching different layout options for both finish blocks.  Click over to Quilting Gallery for more details.

There are also give aways, so do not miss what all the fun is about.

Click here to view all the blocks posted on flicker.

Hope to see you there.

Judith, Texas

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guild Name Tag

Today I taught myself Cross Stitch. Never before!  I have a name tag from the Calhoun County Quilt Guild and have not put it together.   I sketched it out first before my first attempt.

I used it for ICAD 4.
ICAD 4 and ICAD 5 2012
ICAD 5 is a sketch of a HEXAGON Quilt I am working on.

Check out Tammy's blog on her ICAD 2012 she is hosting. From June 1 - July 31, 2012.  As you can tell, I am in need of much practice.  I am having fun.

Have a wonderful evening....Judith, Texas

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 3 of ICAD

Cafe' Jocelynn's
Today my DH and I headed out for lunch. We ended up in Pt. O'Connor @ Cafe' Jocelynn's. 
Here is a look at the menu:

I really enjoyed the #1 Beef n Cheddar and my DH had the hamburger.
This is a return spot on our Travels.

While my DH stopped at the local Custom Rod shop in town, I had some index cards in my purse and a mechanical pencil.  So I drew a map of our Sunday drive today.  As you can see from the card above, the cafe is named after their daughter Jocelynn.  I hope you like it. We had a wonderful drive by the gulf. Did get to see a few dolphins swimming around.

Click here to check out Tammy's blog on Index-A-Day-Challenge 2012.

Do not forget, tomorrow June 4 - Sara @ Sewsweetness (tutorial: bag interfacing) will kick off the Purse Palozza 2012. Who says you can never have enjough bags!!!!!! Check out her blog today. She is talking about interfacing!

Yeah......see ya there...

Judith, Texas

Day 2 ICAD and goodie in the mailbox

 Day 2 of ICAD Index-Card-A-Day.  If your are feeling creative, check out Tammy's blog here. You can join in anytime during the month of June - July 31.  Creat on a 3x5 index card.  What a Challenge!  Check out the rest of ICAD photos on flicker


Yesterday, after I settled in, I checked my mail box and what was waiting for me? 

ties that bind
Marie Bostwick "ties that bind" book. I won from Michele Foster's blog hop tour she was hosting over at Quilting Gallery. I look forward to reading her book.

Well it is late and I am in the process of re-arranging my office.  Seems like nothing was touch.  But I did move a cabinet and went through a tote full of goodies.

Have a wonderful late evening.

Judith, Texas

Friday, June 1, 2012

ICAD-Day 1

I am going home today! And before I leave, I wanted to get my first ICAD posted up on flicker from Daisy Yellow ICAD Group. 

ICAD #1 Crazy Artful Journal
 Tammy from Daisy Yellow is hosting a Index-Card-A-Day Challenge. 
I used a colored index card 3x5 and drew a tag with a marker.  I tied it with a scrap of  linen thru the punched hole and used stickers from Tim Holtz idea-ology and other wordings. Simple for the first day.  You think!


Today, I am heading home, but not before I visit my friend on the way. It has been a year and newly married to a Navy man Mike. I cannot wait to see their new home.

 I am going to miss my Sweetie Pies (Grandkids).  They still have one week left of school. 
Boys having fun
I will miss them and I had a wonderful time. 

Have a wonderful day!
Judith, Texas