Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canvas Tote

Hello from sunny south Texas!
It is a hot one today. My laptop temp gage reads 93!!!!
Sometime in the wee hours, I finished sewing my Canvas Tote.  I had been following along the Purse Palooza Blog over at Sew Sweetness, our dear friend Sara is hosting, and thought, I could do this.

First I sketched down what I was thinking.

Sketch view
Here is a photo of what came of my sketch.

Front view
Finished size is w 12" x h 14"
The front flap has a magnetic snap that attaches to the front pocket. I pleated the bottom of the front pocket for more room and rounded out the bottom.
Inside view
 Inside lining I sewed a pocket with a pen holder and cell phone on the back bottom side and a front pocket towards the top for my other cell phone. It worked out.
Also, a photo of my organizer full of stuff to switch out to another bag.

Back and zipper pocket view
Strap view
 Straps were cut 22" since the tote was tall and I could have used about two more inches, but I do not like long straps with a big tote. I left out the D-rings on purpose since it was already long enough for me.
Side view mesaures 5" deep
Not bad. Needs some tweeking on my next tote, but it holds more stuff than you think. Great for my travels and not heavy at all.

I only interface the lining of the bag with medium to light weight interfacing.
The flap use batting and a magnetic snap.
The strap I did not us any interfacing since the canvas (duck) material was heavy enough and did not use the D-rings on the tote. If I did, I would have used heavier weight interfacing for support.
It holds well on my shoulder and not weighted down.

Okay, that is my tote that I am entering in the Purse Palooza contest.  Make sure to check out the  Purse Palooza 2012 Flickr Group site for all the entries.

I know this was a long post, but I just wanted to share.
Thank you for stoping by.

Judith, Texas

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