Wednesday, June 27, 2012

52 Photo Project - Release

Today I had the pleasure of taking my sweetie pies out for some Birthday Ice Cream.

Sweetie Pies
My granddaughter was celebrating her 6th Birthday today and as hot and sunny in Texas it was just the thing to do for the happy event.

Can you see the results?

Ice Cream everywhere and yum! We had lunch later.

This was a fun time and later the kids hit the pool with the rest of there friends.

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Thanks for stopping by,

Judith, Texas 


  1. That truly does look like a fabulous way to relax - there's nothing like children and laughter!

  2. Ice cream is always a great way to relax! (and a very yummy one)

  3. Fun times! and ice creams smiles too!

  4. ice cream sounds like a perfect release on a hot, texas day!

  5. Ice cream! no better way to chill on a hot day! Cute the ice cream faces, especially on the littlest one!

  6. on a hot sunny day there is nothing better than ice-cream to 'release', and being with your granddaughter a natural for our child like qualities!