Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's on my List today!

This morning I am making out my list to shop for.  We do not have a Joann's anymore in town. So when I am in the big city (H-Town), I make sure I hit all the places before I head home.  Plus, it is so much fun to find goodies that I can play with.
  1. Joann's - Roll Stamp Need to be returned!
  2. Sam's - Photoshop Element 10 ( I am still using an older version) for my weekend class.
  3.  ??? - Ink (for stamping) Michaels
  4. Hunt for a new art store. The one in town is no longer there also.  All the great places are closed up. 
  5. I forgot my grandson's birthday (Shame on me!). I shoud know this. I am G-Ma. Gift for a 3-yr old.
  6. Pickup emblishments for my ATC's (I also discovered ATC Editions).
  7. Find rings for my Index Cards or holder of some sort.  I start the ICAD tomorrow and need something to hold them in. You can find out here what Tammy's hosting over at her blog for the Index Card A Day Challenge. 
This list should keep me out of trouble for awhile. Houston is a big city and I am heading home tomorrow.

 The other day when I took the kiddos to the bus stop, we saw this flower and I did not have my camera except for my iPhone and as you can see is not a very good photo.

I just love how the color shows up against the lighter flowers.

The kiddos also pointed out that this bug was looking at me while I was photographing the flower above. 

Looks like some rain today, so thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Judith, Texas

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