Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Blogs I am Following!

Before I start, Happy Cinco de Mayo!


There is a new Summer Sewing Contest @ Ellison Lane Quilts. Already in motion.

Ellison Lane Quilts

 Click on the button above to check out what Jennifer and her blogging - buddies have in-store for you.

Not to mentions give-aways.  This will be fun! 

Also, I am following the Annual Blog Celebration of Mixed Media May .  Jane LaFazio is your host today. I am a huge fan.  I am not an artist by all means.  I draw stick people. I could always use a tip any day. I need all the help I can get.

 It is 30 days days of Media artist hosting and on the last day, something in store for all the followers.

One more!

Lori Moon is hosting a annual May Flower Challenge.

This is up my neck of the woods, since I love flowers.  Yellow Roses and Sunflowers!

You will be seeing some of my photos here soon.
That's it for now.  Where do I find the time on my busy schedule. 

P. S. Do not forget to check out the moon tonight. I hope I do not forget to shoot some photos. 

I am up for another challenge! 
Judith, Texas

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