Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pet Postcards

I did not get much sewing in today. I woke up late. Had a cup of coffee. Scrub my downstairs floors (kitchen and bathroom). Baked cookies. Caught up on email. Have not checked out the Leafs me  Happy blog hop. Finally shower and have not taken the laundry out of the dryer. 
Ever had one of those days?
But I did received an email from Sarah Vanderburgh that I was one of three winners of 3 of her patterns she gave away in the Glorious Autumn Block Party.  Made my day. 

I finally put up some hangers on my wall next to my design board so I can look at my handi work everyday in my office. 

OK, enough!

Why I am posting, here are a few cards that I am sending to Quilt's Inc. Festival Critter Cars. You can read all about the fund raiser over at Pokey's Pondering blog.

Here are a few examples.

If you are going to be in Houston next month for the International Quilt Festival, there will be a booth selling the Festival Critter Card to raise money for the Friends for Life, a non-kill animal adoption and rescue organization. If you are interested, click over to Pokey's blog and read all the information. Recieved deadline is Tuesday October 23, 2012. 

It is evening here and I need to go take the laundry out of the dryer and my WDH should be here home soon. I have not marked anything off my to do list.

I hope everyone has a wonderful autumn evening.

Judith, Texas

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