Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scrappy Great-Granny Halloween Quilt

That was a long title, but true.


Halloween Scrappy G-Granny Square Quilt
This is not my orginal Great-Granny Square quilt that I was working on. I am still putting it together.  I had a lot of left over Halloween scrap material. Not sure where most of the materials came from.  Next, will figure out what to do for the backing.
The last row is off, but I was not about to take the ripper out again.
If you are interested in making a Great-Granny Square, check out Lori's tutorial over at Bee in my Bonnet. Great instructions.
It has been a long week. We left last Sunday to Galveston and the next morning I was sick for two days. I did not like being in the hotel room on a beautiful island along the gulf coast. No fun! By Wednesday, my WDH cut his business trip short and headed back on Wednesday evening. I was so happy to be home and sleeping in our very own bed.
I have been up in my office for the rest of the week and worked on my quilt. I also have some projects coming up next month and will preview my show then. I am about half way done and hope to write my posts early.
See you,
Judith, Texas

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