Monday, January 14, 2013

Where is the sun in Galveston?

Where is the sun in Galveston?
It is cold, wet, and windy here for pretty much the next three days.
I did go out for  a walk earlier, but it was too cold and windy! So much for my exercise today.

I did take the stairs! 

I did bring two sewing machines with me. My PFAFF and Featherweight. The night before my Morse machine gave up on me.
morse super dial
 I believe it is just tired. It is older than me. LOL! I am hoping that all it needs is oil, if not I will take it to B & B in Victoria. Mark does wonders when I just cannot make my machines to purr. 

Make sure  to stop at Sew We Quilt
for the In your words Blog Hop. Two days left for the hop.
I have seen sew many creative projects on the hop. Linda at  Buzzing and Bumbling is cheerleading.

We are away on a business trip (my WDH is) and I am hoping that I can at least get one of my projects finished.

I mailed my first Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap out this past weekend. I will post a photo later when it arrives across the big blue ocean down under. I hope they like it.

 Enough said for now. 

Stay warm, happy quilting and hope that you enjoyed your visit here @

Handmade Treasures.

Thanks for stopping by,

Judith, Texas

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  1. I'm sure it is no consolation at all, Judith, but it is equally cold, wet and miserable here in SW Scotland! Love your old sewing machine - I hope that you are able to get it going again. Elizabeth xx