Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank You and Day 3 Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop

Thank you to all my fellow quilty bloggers for your beautiful words during this time.
It was not my intention to sadden you during the last two hops. I had both posts scheduled to show until we got the news of my beautiful daughter passing. Instead I showed one photo of the Priceless Coin purse, which my daughter loved every purse that was out there and in her honor, she was priceless.
Holiday Lane Pillow, because she was a single working mom working for the school district as a bus driver and did so much for her children with so little and still manage to have a huge tree and gifts for her children and put food on the table and pay her rent and still ran her suburan on fumes to work and home for her babies. She struggle, but she did it for her babies to have a wonderful life and future.
My WDH and I live out of town and had to make several trips to take care of our daughter and make arrangements for her. While we were on the road, I read all the kind messages and believe me, it kept my husband from pull off the side of the road and comfort me and to keep the focus for her babies and my other children who were so close to her.
This is something that I wish on no one.
Again, my apologies to everyone and I will be back. She would want me to do what I love.
I have too.
My sweetie pies had put orders in for new quilts for Christmas earlier in the year.
They have slept with every quilt I have sewn for them along with pillowcases.
 Her youngest child will not sleep without the first one I made for him when he was a baby.

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Day 3 - Friday November 23

Give cheer for the bloggers on the list above.

Have a wonderful day,

Judith, Texas

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  1. I have no words that could ease your pain - I do pray for the strength you will need to get through your grief. Judy C sends hugs and prayers