Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greater Houston Shop Hop 2012

What weather we are having in Texas! Should be clearing up this afternoon here in Houston. Husband is on a business trip and so I tagged along.  This almost did not happen, since I came down with something two days ago.  Something I ate?  I feel better and made the trip to LaPorte, Texas with my dear Sweetie.  I did not want to miss out on the Shop Hop!  This woman has places to go and projects to start (FINISH).

I am planning out my route for the Greater Houston Shop Hop 2012 "Colors of Hope" today.  So happy there is a map for the listed shops.  Houston is a big city and I do get lost.  Heck, I still get lost driving home after 17 years. We live 10 miles out of town. But that is another story.   Back to the plan.  Here is a pdf file of the list of shops along with a map .  This is a big help for me.  Anyway, gotta get a move on it. 

I look forward to visiting all the shops and what goodies will come home with me.  I have two days and gotta get a move. 

Until next time, Have yourself a wonderful day!


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