Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Stockings

Christmas will be here soon and I just will not get my quilts done in time.  Not enough hours in the day. But I did get some stockings done just in time.
Christmas Stockings
I was in a Christmas Charm swap earlier this year and I am happy that I decided to sew the stockings with some of the lovely charms that I received. 


Now for some Christmas shopping to fill up the stockings.
I have my list started and still need to add to it.
 I do not look forward to hititng the stores in the coming days. 
We live in a small town, but the traffic is like Houston.  
 It will be an early night for me.
I also finished a few paper piece ornaments.  These were going to my daughter's, but will stay with me at home.
I joined Carol Doak's yahoo group this year and these are a few paper piece pattern from her website, book and her yahoo group.
Check out her website for more information if you are looking for a pattern.
Last, I have been sewing postcards this year.
I took this from a calendar in my office. I still need a bit more practice.
Now I have a few homemade Christmas cards to make later and need to be in the mail soon.
A cold front is to hit our area tonight. We do not get much cool weather down in south Texas. It was in the 80's today. 
Sorry it has been awhile since my last post, but you can relate with the holidays. So much to do, before we leave for the holidays to see the kiddos.
Stay warm and safe everyone and Thanks for stopping by,
Judith, Texas

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