Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!
My art badge
First, I want to thank all who came by my little world in blogland and wish you a Very Happy and Safe New Year in 2014.
This past year I was not so sure that I would return to my little world of treasures that I so loved to create and blog about.
It was also a first for me that I took some doodling classes and joined some art groups on Facebook.
Wow, unblieveable! ME....
It was a blessing, that I could go and getaway from all the stress in life for a brief moment in my journals, classes and creating a little bit of art.
I am happy that I have gone to a place that I never thought in a million years would bring me back to living.
Today's posting is a One Year celebration for April Cole-The Studio, a thriving artist commuity that I joined in 2013.
April Cole who formed the Facebook group one year ago today, challenged us to create an Art Badge.
Now, in no means I am no Artist!
But, I wanted to challenged myself at the start of a new year and give it a try.

(Please forgive the photos, I hurt my back and being still for any long periods of time was not in the cards.)
Click on the photo for a larger view
For my art badge, I used a recycle holiday starbucks coffee cup in red and gold.
I used a butterfly stencil that I purchased at the IQF in Houston two years ago and cut it out.
Instead of spraying with Heidi Swapp color shine, I dipped a round paint brush and colored in the details of the wings and also with Ranger's Sliver dabber.
I used a white sharpie waterbased poster-paint to outline the wings.
My first attempt did not go so well, so I gesso over the wings and let dry completely and started over again. As you can see, I liked my second attempt.
I found in my stash a heart from Heidi Swapp collections that I sprayed with dylusion spray twice and dotted up with the white sharpie waterbased poster-paint.
The card is that of a queen sitting on her throne and was fitting for the phrase and placed the heart in the center. I colored in the center of the heart with Tim Holtz red brick dabber with a paint brush.
I did not like the red brick alone, so I dotted it up with the white sharpie waterbased poster-paint.
 I need a little bit more to the wings, so I splatter with some paint and spray. 
I used a cosmetic sponge and a dotted stencil and dabbed with white acrylic paint on the wings. 
I also found some scraps around and a few pieces of ribbon.
(For a closer look, click on the photos for more details of my Art Badge)
Keep Singing in your cretive Journey

This past year was a testy one for me, so I added "keep singing in your creative journey".
power behind the throne
 "power of the throne" that I am in control of my life.
Words for 2014
Explore new avenues,
Believe in myself,

"HOPE" that I find peace with my day to day life,
Confident that I can do what ever my heart desire,
Beauty is what I see in my heart.
Discover art (HAVE FUN AT IT)
Last but not least:
Release your Dreams and create 2014
I hope that you enjoyed my little piece of blogland here.
Thanks for stopping by,
Judith, Texas

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  1. I think art time is so important to our wellbeing - I hope 2014 brings you many visits from the creativity fairy. I got here via CJS14; it's nice to meet you.