Sunday, April 21, 2013

Contrary Wifes Block

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I spent a little time sewing. Earlier, I was moving my office/studio around and took a table out and turned my desk around to make room for my chair. I love the light that comes in from the east side of the house.
I have so much good junk, I feel that the walls are starting to close in on me.
 So I decided to finish my April challenge from Kathleen Tracey's Small Quilt Talk Group.
Contrary Wife Block
Back view Contrary Wife Block
Detail view
This was a great project to practice my FMQ.
On Wednesday Quilting Bee, I picked up a little tip.
I sew on my Janome 7318 and turn my stitch length up to 4 for the turns on FMQ. It does not go any more than that. I do not have photos since I was pressing for time.
 As you can see on my detail view, that it did not turn out too bad.
You can check out the rest of the mini quilts on the Small Quilt Talk Group photo gallery and Flickr.
Well I have to get ready for a long trip to Galveston this week. My WDH also wanted to go to the races in Baytown this Friday and makes for a long week stay.
I hope to take in some sites while staying in Galveston and the weather is beautiful.
Have a wonderful evening,
Judith, Texas

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