Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mystery Winner!

Good Morning to a spring forward day!
I really thought that I was running late until I looked on my laptop and saw that it was so true the right time. My cell phone had not changed time forward.
I like to announced that Kayenderes was picked from our random (WDH)  number for our mystery give away.
 Here is what she said:
Special big bag full of wishes, dreams, good health and prayers to you Judith. Love your creations and would like to win and make the oven mitts. I can't find mine.
Is this a clue?? Thank U
I SEW love her comment!
She too cannot fine her oven mitts.
Sent you an email Kayenderes.
I want to give a Huge Thank YOU for all the lovely comments. I did not get to responde to everyone.
Your support keeps me going to sew more beautiful creations and share with you.
Please continue to share your support for my fellow bloggers on the hop.
I truly had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the patricipants this week.
Sew much creativity on the hop and I look forward to seeing what's next on the Nancy Drew mystery hop till March 15, 2013.
I will be out for a few days this week.
This morning I am heading out to see all the grandchildren for spring break.
Thank you that they all live in the same city.
Then I will be back to contiune some very much UFO's that I will be leaving on my table.
I cut two pieces wrong (actually four pieces) and not sure if I will re-cut or make it up as I go.
Not the first time nor will be my last.
Thank you again, and I will see you later this week.
Judith, Texas

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