Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Month of 2017

2017 is here and I have found Jane Davenport's new mixed media and loving it.  Visit Jane Davenport on her blog for all the information on her products and workshop. 

Also, this past year, I have been following The Splendid Sampler and it is coming to an end next month. 
If you are still interested in 100 blocks designed by designers, click here.

Just two of the blocks that I had a chance to sew while away from home.

Happy New Year and I hope to blog more on what is happening in my sewing room when I am home.

Judith, Texas

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My word for the Year

Challenge word was "Door"on TDLP
I have thrown myself into a new project this year and joined in with many others on the
Our challenge last week was the word "Door".
Since I am in two places (homes) at the moment, I sketched my door that lead me to the word  "Enter".
Enter thru my "Doors" where I Believe, Dream, Inspire, and Live, Laugh, Love.
If you like to learn more about the The Documented Life Project, click here.
The Documented Life Project
lead me to a mini class that converts a planner (Plan, Journal, Play, with Robin-Marie Smith and Lorraine Bell).

For the class, I already had a journal on hand about the right size that I can throw into my purse.
I converted it into a planner (to keep up with all the classe(s) that I am taking this year, work, traveling), journaling (write down my thoughts, quotes, phrases, etc., (I used one my daughter in-law posted on Facebook for my first week of the year. I will post a photo later.)) and a page for sketch, draw, paint or just play with my art toys.

If you have follow me along on my treasure blog, I travel with a laptop case, my art train case, suitecase, carry-on, a bag for shopping already filled before we get to our destination, my purse fill with a calendar, art journal, watercolor pencils in a roll-up, makeup bag, several notebooks, three cell phones, a bag with all my electronics and so many keys that I forget why and where to.
That is another post for another time.
So, you see why I was drawn to The Documented Life Project.
has started again and Nathalie Kalbach has a line-up of mix-media artists and scrapbookers participating.
Check out all the techniques and new materials and connect with all the artists.

Today Creative Jumpstart 2014 is having a giveaway so what is holding you.


I hope to find more time blogging this coming year.
With work, moving and traveling does not give me alot of time to quilt and create.
 My studio has been two totes full with paints, journals, fun stuff to create and my fabrics and quilts in another.

In the mean time enjoy creating beautiful treasures and I hope to see you soon.

Judith, Texas 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!
My art badge
First, I want to thank all who came by my little world in blogland and wish you a Very Happy and Safe New Year in 2014.
This past year I was not so sure that I would return to my little world of treasures that I so loved to create and blog about.
It was also a first for me that I took some doodling classes and joined some art groups on Facebook.
Wow, unblieveable! ME....
It was a blessing, that I could go and getaway from all the stress in life for a brief moment in my journals, classes and creating a little bit of art.
I am happy that I have gone to a place that I never thought in a million years would bring me back to living.
Today's posting is a One Year celebration for April Cole-The Studio, a thriving artist commuity that I joined in 2013.
April Cole who formed the Facebook group one year ago today, challenged us to create an Art Badge.
Now, in no means I am no Artist!
But, I wanted to challenged myself at the start of a new year and give it a try.

(Please forgive the photos, I hurt my back and being still for any long periods of time was not in the cards.)
Click on the photo for a larger view
For my art badge, I used a recycle holiday starbucks coffee cup in red and gold.
I used a butterfly stencil that I purchased at the IQF in Houston two years ago and cut it out.
Instead of spraying with Heidi Swapp color shine, I dipped a round paint brush and colored in the details of the wings and also with Ranger's Sliver dabber.
I used a white sharpie waterbased poster-paint to outline the wings.
My first attempt did not go so well, so I gesso over the wings and let dry completely and started over again. As you can see, I liked my second attempt.
I found in my stash a heart from Heidi Swapp collections that I sprayed with dylusion spray twice and dotted up with the white sharpie waterbased poster-paint.
The card is that of a queen sitting on her throne and was fitting for the phrase and placed the heart in the center. I colored in the center of the heart with Tim Holtz red brick dabber with a paint brush.
I did not like the red brick alone, so I dotted it up with the white sharpie waterbased poster-paint.
 I need a little bit more to the wings, so I splatter with some paint and spray. 
I used a cosmetic sponge and a dotted stencil and dabbed with white acrylic paint on the wings. 
I also found some scraps around and a few pieces of ribbon.
(For a closer look, click on the photos for more details of my Art Badge)
Keep Singing in your cretive Journey

This past year was a testy one for me, so I added "keep singing in your creative journey".
power behind the throne
 "power of the throne" that I am in control of my life.
Words for 2014
Explore new avenues,
Believe in myself,

"HOPE" that I find peace with my day to day life,
Confident that I can do what ever my heart desire,
Beauty is what I see in my heart.
Discover art (HAVE FUN AT IT)
Last but not least:
Release your Dreams and create 2014
I hope that you enjoyed my little piece of blogland here.
Thanks for stopping by,
Judith, Texas

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Prayer Flags for Vicky

Vicky Molina-Flores
11/2/82 - 11/7/12

 It is a year today that we received the news that our daughter Vicky Molina-Flores has left us and went to heaven. I still cannot believe it. It has been a hard year for us and mostly the last few days which would have been her 31st birthday on the 2nd of November.  Her oldest on the 6th. It has indeed been a trying time for us all. Just take a look of the Prayer flags that were made in her honor for her children.

From Mom
From her little brother
From her oldest son
From her Grandmother
From the Molina Family

From her Niece

From her Sister-in-Law

From her Cousin

From her Godmother

From her little cousin

From the Becerra Family

From her Cousin
From her step-mom
From her Dad
From Hannah
From Lauren
From her Cousin Amanda
Postcard from her mom

These are just a few that were hung at her Celebration of life and a few that came in afterwards. She was love by all who were touched by her laugh, smile, a sounding ear and a shoulder to lend on who needed one. She indeed is missed by all who loved her.
Mom and Vicky California 1991

Judith, Texas


Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Flowers in Texas

Today is a great day for sewing in my office/studio. It is raining here today and I keep getting warnings for Tornados in the area on my cell phone.
 Nothing here in our next of the woods.
The rain is all in town, and I just spoke with my mother, saying she was worried about me, when it was pouring rain at her place.
I told her to run into her bathroom if she feels worried.
 I thought my brother stopped by, but he headed back home due to the weather.
I will certainly check on her in a bit.
Before I headed into town to see her this morning, these came in the mail today.
Hexies Flowers from Irene
I was so excited to open my mail, that I forgot my wallet on the table when I saw these beauties...
To view more flowers from The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap, click here or on the button on my sidebar. 
Thank you Irene.
They are amazing and I love them.
Judith, Texas

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting ready for another road trip!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Texas!
We are getting ready to hit the road up to H-town (Houston).
But not before I post a challenge project that I have been working on-n-off.
For the FMQ group and Challenges 2013 on FB, was to  create a greeting card with some FMQ.
I have never done this before, so bare with me.
(click on the picture for a better view)
Front of the Greeting Card
I took a pencil and color the backside of the drawing from a picture and traced it onto the fabric. I colored in the flowers with Tsukineko inks that I found at a quilt store and at the IQF show last year. After the ink dried, I outline the picture with metallic thread. After awhile, the thread was breaking off while I was FMQ and I would re-thread the machine several , several times.
Then sewed a zig-zag around the mini-quilt three times and added a stamp.
Before I sewed the min-quilt onto the cardstock I used some washable glue stick  (kids glue sticks works fine) to adhere the mini-quilt to the front side of greeting card first.
Inside view of the card
Then stitched it onto card stock which I printed out a poem on the inside of the card. Notice the stitching on the left side where I sewed the mini-quilt on the front of the card.
I added some more flowers on the inside of the stitching and colored in with water colored pencils, outline with a micron pen. I layered the colors after drying each layer and played around with different coloring pencils to get the medium I was looking for. I love the stitching around the flowers.
I used Derwent water color pencils, and also a set from Michaels.
On the backside of the card, I stamped a house and colored in using the same water color pencils.
Hopefully, I will be able to delivered my gift and greeting card to the recipient this week.
If not, there is always the postal service.
Now, I need to finish packing and head out with my WDH on his business trip.
I hope that you enjoyed your visit and wish everyone a wonderful sunny day.
Thank you for stopping by,
Judith, Texas

Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 Warrior's Weekend

As I was heading to the Post Office to mail off one of my projects to my swap partner in Australia. Over 400 Warrior's and family members from all parts of our military services are here for Warrior's Weekend down in Port O'Connor.
Here are a few photos:
(Click on the photo for a larger view)
Edna, Texas
Warrior's Welcome to Texas
Warrior's from Fort Carson
Warrior's from Fort Polk

Retired Warrior's
Fort Riley
Waving to the crowd
Patriot rider
More Warrior's riding
Fun ride
From Edna, Texas
 Bloomington, Texas
Drive by Bloomington, Texas
Waving flags
Tomorrow our Warrior's from BAMC (Brooke Army Medical Center) and Fort Sam Houston  San Antonio, Texas will ride thru to meet with the rest of the Warrior's in Port O'Connor on Saturday.
For more information, click here to see a schedule of events.
Welcome to Texas!
Judith, Texas