Friday, August 12, 2011

In search of material!

Today I spent much of my time looking for material that I had purchase sometime ago.  I did not log it in my record book or where I had purchase the material from.  Not a smart move on my part.  Instead I ended up buying 6 yards of material totally different from what I was searching for.  My outlook totally changed.

I made a Carpet Bag from quilted material I purchased from Handcock in Katy, Texas. 3 yard @ $3.00. Great buy! The pattern I purchased from Golden Needles & Quilts in Rockport, Texas. By Leslie Gladman from Favorite Things.

 I made a Pocket bag, (sorry no picture taken)

 camera case, (not sure which magazine, but I will look for it later and post it here)

which ended up as a bag to hold all my cables to iPhone, Blackberry, speakers.  Also a PDA case, etc.  I am not done yet.  Still have material to sew a small coin purse and etc., to match my bags.  I just loved the print.  Reminded me of my trip to France.

I wanted to sew another Carpet Bag with the material I was in search of.  I made a tote bag and a jewerly case, but did not have enough material to sew.  Anyway, I have unfininsh projects waiting for me when I get home tomorrow. 

Also, this year I joined a Victoria Photography Club to pick up tips and tricks to photograph my bags I sew.  Will see how that goes....Thanks for stopping.